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Stack Colors

About Stack Colors

It's time to challenge yourself with a simple 3D game called Stack Colors. Collect all items of the same color as quickly as possible to reach the finish line.

In order to successfully raise your score in this game, you will need to first shift and arrange objects of the appropriate color, and then eventually drive them across the finish line. You should try to avoid selecting objects of a different color because doing so will cause you to lose the things that you have already accumulated. The game is over when you have used up all of the things that you have been given. There are also areas where the color can change suddenly, requiring you to move swiftly in order to gather the appropriate items. This game is not complicated, but it is difficult!

Engaging gameplay

  • To switch paths you must first keep control of your character and then glide to the left or right. You have to avoid getting any of the other colors' boards while collecting the ones that are your color.
  • You will accelerate with each new object that you acquire; however, you should not be fooled by this fact because even one mistake on your part can put a halt to this acceleration and reduce your speed.
  • Maintain your forward momentum towards the finish line, adjust your strategy as necessary using the gateways, and get ready to deal with the killing strike.
  • Tap or click the screen to build up the energy meter, and as you do so, observe the boards disappear as a result of your most recent assault.