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Super Mario 64

About Super Mario 64

Join the Super Mario 64 game for a Unique Experience. This is a food game for many generations of gamers, but the heat of this game has never cooked down.

Nintendo is Responsible for the development and Publication of the platform game Super Mario 64 On the Nintendo 64. In 1996, It was made available in Japan and North America, and in 1997, IT was made Available in Pales. It is the First Super Mario Game to have 3D Gameplay and Combines The Classic Super Mario gameplay, Visual Style, and Characters in a Large Open World. It is also the first super mario game to use 3D graphics. In the game, The Primary Antagonist of the Super Mario Franchise, Bowser, Invades Princess Peach's Castle and Hides The Castle's sources of protection, The Power Stars, In many Different Worlds Inside Magical Paintings. Bowser is also the name of the character who is the primary antagonist of the Super Mario Franchise. The Player Assumes The Role of Mario and Must Collect Power Stars in order to unlock Sufficient Portions of Princess Peach's Castle in order to defeat Bowser and Save Princess Peach.

How to play

In this game, there is a Mario guy who can dance, run, bow, and many other flexible activities to be able to overcome challenges.

I played this game many times and found that this would definitely be a game that you love so I brought this game to my website. Hope you will like this game.