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About Swingo

Swingo is a great arcade game for you. In this game you will have unique hands, you can freely move in any way to help the frog eat the apple.

You take control of a cute figure who bounces about and can only move around by using a grappling hook. This character is limited in its movement options. Launch the hook, and let it pull you in the appropriate direction! Your avatar will bounce and swing around the environment until you reach the fruit that represents the end of each level. You are rewarded with points for every level that you successfully complete, and as you continue to progress through the game and earn more points, you will have the opportunity to unlock some very cool additional characters. Will you be able to unearth all of the animals? The first animal that you will find is a frog. The imaginative and colorful levels in Swingo are packed with secrets, and you'll have a blast unearthing all of them!

Does Swingo have new characters that can be unlocked?

The player has the opportunity to unlock a wide variety of new and unique Swingo characters during the course of the game. Every single one of them got their ideas from different animals.

How to play helps you master special hands

  • The grappling hook may be used in order to navigate the environment.
  • To aim and fire, use the left mouse button to click and drag, and then let go.

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