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About Taming.io

Taming.io is a new game that has a lot of fierce online players who want to kill them all to win. Prepare yourself for battle, the enemy is waiting for you.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind multiplayer experience in the game Taming.io, which takes place in a world teeming with cute creatures and cunning foes. Navigate a deep and heavily inhabited forest while accompanied by a devoted wolf that is ready to defend you from any difficulty, and begin gathering all different sorts of supplies and equipment that will help your survival.

You will also have the ability to acquire additional pets, such as a rabbit, fox, or bear, depending on your preference. Discover a dangerous terrain packed with details, foes, and a large number of goods that might be helpful, and then figure out how to create a stronghold that can withstand the assaults of your foes. It will be challenging to make it to the top of the scoreboard, so make sure you collect as many golden apples as you can from the chests that are strewn throughout the arena.

How to play the game

  • You may move about by using the WASD, ZQSD, or arrow keys.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to attack.