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About TankWar.io

TankWar.io is one of the most thrilling shooting games available today. You will control your tank to dodge the rain of bullets and attack the enemy.

You begin the game in the arena, which is filled with a vast assortment of distinct bonus components as well as opponents riding tanks. You get access to a little tank that can travel freely over the playing field and fire at everything it comes into contact with. The objective of the game is to spend as much time as possible in the arena without being killed, to vanquish as many of your opponents as you can, and to continually upgrade your fighting machine.

 The guidelines to play

It is essential that you keep in mind that the gun on your tank will fire in the direction that you aim it. To destroy the adversary, it is sufficient to choose the appropriate trajectory and fire a certain amount of shots at the adversary's vehicle. Cubes located at the bottom of the vehicle provide an indication of the margin of safety for each tank. Pay attention to these signs whenever you are in a direct confrontation, and construct your strategies for combat based on your current health. Get out of the fight if the durability level of your tank is low, locate the relevant bonus component on the field, pick it up, and use it to increase your qualities, including the tank's durability level.

If you died, you would wake up in a garage where you had the opportunity to make significant upgrades to your gear, which would make it much larger, more powerful, and more agile going forward. On the other hand, you will need gold coins for each upgrade, which may be earned via combat. Take control of the arena by winning fights and establishing your dominance there!

How to controls

  • The mouse is used to operate the game.
  • The movement of your tank may be controlled by depressing and holding the left mouse button while pointing the cursor in the desired direction for its movement.

Not only does playing the game make it possible for you to divert your attention away from the stresses of daily life, but it also has the potential to draw you deeply into the experience for a significant amount of time.