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Temple Run 2

About Temple Run 2

You will find that Temple Run 2 is the most intense of all the escape games you can play. Monsters are constantly watching and ready to eat you at any time.

The sequel to the popular running game Temple Run is a lot of fun. Participating in this game will need you to collect money, avoid obstacles, and ultimately escape from a strange temple inhabited by a large monster.

Through the use of the arrow keys, you will be in charge of controlling your character throughout this game. To jump, use the up arrow key on your keyboard. Maintaining your press on this key will allow you to scale obstacles and swing over dangerous chasms. Utilize the down arrow key to glide over obstacles that you are unable to jump over. To change lanes when you are getting close to a turn, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard. There are various obstacles that keep appearing in your way along this route. Try your hardest to succeed in order to get the finest grade possible. You are being pursued by a dangerous beast. You should flee as rapidly as you can so that you are not captured.

Features included in this popular game

  • The game of endless running is played just by one person.
  • Gathering cash will allow you to unlock new skins.

How to play this amazing game

  • Move with the arrow keys.