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Theme Park Rush

About Theme Park Rush

Theme Park Rush is an extremely popular 3D online game with attractive gameplay. Your mission is to build the best amusement park in the world.

Have you ever tried your hand at the original and exciting theme park-themed casual game known as Theme Park Rush? You have successfully established yourself as the owner of an amusement park in this game. Build an amusement park that will fulfill the pleasure-seeking needs of the general public! The initial entertainment center should be made available to the general public, followed by the construction of an exhilarating Ferris wheel, the recruitment of personnel to increase output, and the solicitation of new customers. In addition to this, you should expand the size of your theme park in order to position it as the center of entertainment for the whole world.

How to play

  • To enjoy this game you just need to use the mouse flexibly. Move the character to build the park the way you want.
  • Remember to provide the best service to your customers.