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Thumb Fighter

About Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is an inspiring action game created by AVIX Games that captivates game lovers. With one finger can you fight your very strong opponents?

AVIX Games developed a single-player or multiplayer fighting game called Thumb Fighter, which is based on the classic game of thumb wars. It is possible to play Thumb Fighter on any browser that is compatible with HTML5. In the game Thumb Fighter, you and your opponent face off in a battle of the fingers. You are going to have to put your hands on each other and fight to see who comes out on top. You have the option of playing with digits that are comically dressed up, such as Blinky, Bobbie, Red Bro, or BatThumb. You must first wait for the other player's thumb to fall before you may ascend to the top position. Play the browser game to see whether you have what it takes to become the Thumb War Champion.

Here's how you can play this game

Do you have a companion with whom you can play? After that, choose "P1 vs. P2." You may compete against the computer if you are playing by yourself by selecting the "P1 versus CPU" option. After then, you get to choose the appearance of your thumb combatant. Now we begin counting down.

  • The letter "A" is what Player 1 presses.
  • The letter "L" on the keyboard represents Player Two.
  • The winner of the game is the one who can keep their thumb on top for the longest amount of time.