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Ultimate Custom Night

About Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night is a horror game that gives you a lot of hair-raising horrors. If you want to challenge yourself then this is the game for you.

You will find yourself once again cooped up by yourself in a workplace, this time fending off dangerous animatronics. The personalization choices are almost limitless because of the fact that there are 50 playable characters throughout all seven FNAF games. You are free to mix and match the characters as you see fit, and their level of challenge may range anywhere from 0 to 20.

You'll need to be able to control two side doors, two air vents, and two air ducts, all of which go straight into your office, from where you sit at your workstation in your office. This time, you will also need to master additional tools in order to be successful in completing the final tasks. These tools include things like a heating and air conditioning system, a worldwide music box, a power generator, and many more. You will also need to collect Faz-Coins and make purchases at the reward counter. As if all of this were not enough, you will also be required to set up laser traps in the ventilation ducts.

How to control this hair-raising game.

  • W for vent
  • E for the shack
  • A for the left door
  • D for the right door
  • S for the cameras.

Ultimate Custom Night elements and tools you should know to survive

  • heater
  • A/C
  • music box
  • power generator
  • side doors
  • vents
  • air hoses
  • others...