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About Wordle

Welcome to the most favorite game in the world. Wordle is a very famous guessing game. Players from everywhere are eager to solve new words hidden every day.

Every day, the secret is refreshed and the same for everyone. It is also because this has made the players always feel excited and dramatic. By providing the existing 5 letters and evaluating ideas and guesses.

  • Green indicates a perfect combination, yellow indicates that it is in the wrong position, and gray indicates the character is wrong.
  • In six trials, players must repeat the process and determine the solution carefully.
  • By copying a set of emoticons that are automatically produced, participants can share their results. It has a square with the right color to symbolize its unique 5x6 table.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to navigate the menu or the standard keyboard to enter your stuff.
  • By clicking the gear icon, you can change the settings.
  • Go to the stats menu after finishing the objective to replicate the layout.

The goal is to discover the secret from the Hangman-style puzzle by trying and error. Although it seems easy, many individuals around the world have difficulty finding daily puzzles. What makes people care and motivated to complete the task? Please play and do not forget to leave a comment to let me know why you love this unique game.