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X Trench Run

About X Trench Run

The perfect combination of arcade games and action games has helped the X Trench Run game have a large number of players today. Test your jet flying ability.

Your mission is to destroy a gigantic structure that is floating about in space without any apparent direction. You need to know how to operate a space fighter and how to employ a range of weaponry in order to protect not only yourself but also the other inhabitants of the universe. In order to go to higher stages of the game, you will need to prevail over a number of challenges.

When this game finally grants you the ability to become a true jet pilot, you will feel an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. You are going to play the part of a valiant space pilot who is tasked with destroying the defensive turrets and laser fields of an enemy space station while flying through the trenches of that station. Your mission is to breach the fortifications of the enemy, but be careful: if they see that you've caused sufficient damage, they will dispatch their fighter aircraft to eliminate you. This exciting video game about traveling through space includes a variety of exciting gameplay elements, such as space dogfights and blaster bolts.

The playing instruction

  • To navigate about, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys
  • Pressing W or the up arrow will take you higher
  • While pressing S or the down arrow will take you lower.
  • To fire, either use the spacebar on your keyboard or the left mouse or trackpad button.
  • For mobile gamers, you should make use of the touch controls that are shown on your device.
  • If you're playing on a mobile device, you'll use a virtual joystick to control the ships, and the "Fire" button will let you fire your weapons.