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You Hit Me

About You Hit Me

You Hit Me is a super brain-hack puzzle game where you engage in deliberation on how to save your teammates. Solving a problem requires careful calculation.

You Hit Me lets you and your companions go on a mind-blowing experience in another realm. In adventure games, friends are always fantastic allies, but this time, you need to adjust how you respond to a crisis.

This game will start out with straightforward objectives that require fewer characters. As you go, you'll encounter progressively challenging stages that will teach you how to subtly undermine your own pals. You have complete control over which character you play and which character you direct in order to resolve every problem on a level and direct one character to the blue portals. Use the arrow keys to move, the K key to leap, and the J key to attack using the unique ability of each character. Click the space bar to switch between characters. You have six chapters and tens of levels. For better and more enjoyable gaming, you should also keep an eye on the awards, skins, and bonuses you obtained with successful levels. Let's check out your skill at completing strategy-learning games right now!


  • 2D graphics in color
  • The need for methods for controlling the characters
  • Unlockable bonuses and awards
  • Chapters that can be unlocked to access additional levels
  • Tutorials and tips for each level are provided with rewarded advertisements.


  • Mad Buffer developed You Hit Me.

Release Date

  • January 03, 2022