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Zombie Raft

About Zombie Raft

Zombie Raft is a survival game with a unique style completely different from the games you have ever played. Join your raft-building match and fight zombies.

Survival game features

  • Features Search the post-apocalyptic wastes for useful items and materials.
  • Increase your chances of surviving by adding additional equipment to your raft.
  • Purchase improvements to better safeguard and preserve your raft.
  • Find any stranded survivors and bring them to safety.

How to play the game to win

Travel across a desert inhabited by zombies.

In this thrilling zombie game, you'll need to take a seat in the raft's one-man wheel in order to move it ahead. You and the other survivors that you save along the journey will be attacked by zombies who may periodically board the ship; however, you can use your bat to knock the zombies off the ship!

Harvest materials and enhance your raft

You may create new regions on your raft that give you access to greater skills if you plunder the materials that the land has to offer. When you have finished clearing an area, you may make your way back to the base by requesting air support. You may enhance your chances of surviving your next journey into Zombieland by purchasing upgrades at the base. Some of these upgrades include a jet engine, spikes, and others.