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Zoo Feeder

About Zoo Feeder

The gluttonous hippos are waiting for you to feed them watermelons. In the game Zoo Feeder, your task is to collect as many watermelons as possible.

Your mission will be to provide nourishment for each of the animals. You may accomplish this task with relative ease by going around the platform with your feeder in an effort to gather as much food as you can. Since the food will be arranged in a variety of ways, this won't always be a simple task. In addition to that, there is a minimum quantity of food that must be gathered before you can go to the next level. The game will have the opportunity to begin your own personal zoo. The game may also be played on mobile devices, so go out there and give it a try!

How to play this special game

To move the shovel, either use the left/right arrow keys, the A/D key combination or drag the left mouse button.